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Transfer Devin - Devin is located in Southern Bulgaria, 45 km away from Smolyan and 220 km away from Sofia. The weather there is characterised by lower summer temperatures and heavy rainfall during the winter. The average annual temperatures vary from 4° С for the highest parts of the region to 10° С for the lower parts. The autumn is warmer than the spring. The fresh air in the region is an important factor for the development of the balneological and spa tourism. Devin is mostly famous for its mineral springs whose temperatures vary from 16º to 76 ºС. The mineral baths are suitable for active and prophylactic treatment of many diseases. The water is applied externally for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, nervous system diseases, reproductive system diseases, and skin diseases. When drunk, it treats gastrointestinal diseases, gallbladder-liver diseases, kidney and urologic diseases, and metabolic and endocrine diseases. The picturesque mountain area around Devin is very good for hiking.

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