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Transfer Pleven - Pleven is situated in the middle part of the Danube hilly lowland, 160 km from the capital – Sofia, 320 km from the Black Sea and 30 km south from the Danube river. Pleven falls in an area of temperate-continental climate with large temperature amplitudes from - 15 ° C during the winter to + 35 – 40 ° C during the summer. There is no analog of the Wine Museum in the country. Its uniqueness is based on the exposition and the services which it offers (degustation), as well as the fact that it is housed in a cave in the Kaylaka Park. The museum collection contains wines aged 30 to 90 years. 6 thousand bottles of contemporary wines from all makes and regions in the country are also a part of the collection. The Kaylaka Park is a favorite place for relaxation of the Pleven residents and the town guests. It is situated at only 6 km south of Pleven.

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